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Reaction Games - Branded

Rapid Fire Reaction Games

A great example of how our games are utilised for brand activation campaigns, this time with Duracell and Williams Racing! Step into the electrifying world of 'Rapid Fire Reaction Games', a collection of six mini-games designed to test your reflexes and speed. Race against the clock to conquer each time-based challenge, with themes ranging from F1 racing to power-packed battery puzzles. Your total time across all games is tallied for the ultimate test of quick reaction mastery!

Battery Blitz

'Battery Blitz' is a thrilling game where players are required to tap descending batteries as fast as possible. There will be a total of five batteries with each drop's timing varying to test your speed and precision. This game is perfect for those who love a quick-paced challenge!

Grid Lights

'Grid Lights' immerses you in a Formula 1-inspired challenge, where anticipating the random extinguishing of starting lights tests speed and reaction time. You must quickly respond to the lights turning off, mimicking the high-stakes start of a real race. This game is all about speed, demanding fast reflexes and anticipation from you behind the wheel!

Lightning Reflexes

'Lightning Reflexes' challenges you to navigate a screen of lights, focusing on tapping the solitary blue light while avoiding the deceptive red light as fast as you can. There will be a total of 20 lights to extinguish. Make sure to avoid the red light as penalties will incur , adding a thrilling layer of strategy to this fast-paced game of precision and reflexes!

Pit Stop Sprint

In 'Pitstop Sprint', you face the challenge of stopping a rapidly moving line within a designated green section to change each of the four tires, with the speed of the line varying for each tire. This game tests precision and timing, as you must carefully time your stops to be successful. It's a thrilling race against time, simulating the intense pressure and precision required in the pit lane of a race track.

Recharge Puzzle

'Recharge Puzzle' invites you to engage in a strategic game where selecting the correct tiles from a rotating carousel is key to forming an uninterrupted energy flow. You must select and place these tiles to construct the path, with each incorrect selection resulting in a penalty. This game is a test of reaction, patience and precision!

Turbo Dash

'Turbo Dash' challenges you to skillfully manage a vehicle's turbo meter, filling it to successfully enter the turbo zone for a high-speed boost. Once in the turbo zone, timing is crucial as you must release the turbo and hit the brakes exactly at the braking point to maximize speed and efficiency. This game is a dynamic test of strategy and reflexes!

Word Games


Challenge your vocabulary and earn your highest score with the classic game, crossword. Choose from a variety of themes, topics and difficulty levels as you put your word knowledge to the test. This game is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels!

Grand Cipher

Grand Cipher is a fun and challenging word game where players must create as many words as possible from a 9-letter grid before the timer runs out. The center letter, which is bolded, must be used in all word combinations. Players are allowed to use each letter in the grid only once. The minimum number of letters allowed in a word is 4. This game is perfect for word enthusiasts so get ready to test your word-forming abilities and become a champion in Grand Cipher!

Secret Letter

Secret Letter is a brain-teasing word puzzle game where players must find the missing letter to complete an eight-letter word. The word can be read in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. This game is perfect for word lovers. So put on your thinking cap and try to find the secret letter!

Word Drip

If Tetris and Words with Friends had a baby! Shift falling letter blocks left and right to create different words. Once a word has been created, you can strategically use the DESTROY button to clear the word and earn points. The goal? Stay alive and get the highest score possible!

Word Finder

Unleash Your inner wordsmith and dive into the world of Word Finder! where your mission is to uncover hidden words within a 90-second countdown across different grids. Precision is key – earn points for each word crafted and incorrect attempts won't hinder your brilliance. Connect, compete, and conquer – the whirl of words awaits your mastery!


A fast-paced word game with a goal of building your biggest streak! You'll be given 5 letters with the aim to create any 3, 4 or 5 letter word. Enter a correct word to move on and build your streak! Pick between Easy or Hard to change your time limit for each game!

Word Mesh

'Word Mesh' challenges players to craft four words from a jumbled hashtag-style grid, using clues from letters colored in yellow to indicate correct letters in the wrong spot, and green for letters in the correct position. With only 24 moves to secure victory, strategy and wit are essential to unravel the words in the fewest moves possible. Perfect for puzzle enthusiasts seeking a blend of challenge and strategy.


WordR is a fast-paced word formation game. Players must tap on cards to create words that are at least three letters long. With each successful word formation, the player advances to the next level. As the levels progress, the game gets more difficult. Player must be careful not to tap on bombs or they will instantly lose the game. Put your word skills to the test and see how far you can progress in WordR!

Word Search

Unleash your inner word detective in thrilling word search puzzles! Seek and find hidden words in a grid of letters, testing your skills and expanding your vocabulary. With a variety of topics and difficulty levels, this addictive game guarantees endless entertainment. Get ready to sharpen your mind and embark on a captivating word-hunting adventure!

Word Slide

Word Slide is a fast-paced word puzzle game that challenges players to quickly rotate columns and align letters in the middle row to form words. Select from 4, 5, or 6 letter game options, and think swiftly under the time pressure to create as many words as you can. Speed and wit are your tools!

Word Walk

Word Walk is one of our most fast-thinking games that will test your vocabulary. Collect letters and build the best score you can in 60 seconds!

Card Games

Clear The Deck

Experience the thrill of our captivating card game Clear the Deck! Predict whether the next card drawn will be over or under than the selected card. Test your intuition, challenge your luck, and aim for your highest score in this addictive card game!

Diamonds in the Rough

Diamonds in the Rough is an engaging card game where players hunt for diamonds among shuffled playing cards, testing their memory and attention to detail. Each level increases in difficulty, introducing more cards and requiring players to find more diamonds to progress, with additional points awarded for discovering the coveted Queen of Diamonds. Success hinges on strategic choices and keen observation, as failing to find all diamonds within limited attempts will end the game!


Flip is a fun and addictive game that will test your memory skills. Featuring multiple difficulties and challenging levels that increase in complexity, you'll have to stay focused and sharp to remember the flipped cards. Bonus points are awarded for correct sequencing, so get ready to flex your mental muscles and become a Flip master!

Hit The Middle

Welcome to 'Hit the Middle,' where you're tasked with predicting whether the next card will fall between two given cards or outside that range. With only five chances to spare, the pressure is on, and your points soar when you strike the middle. This game combines judgment and precision for a suspenseful experience where every decision counts.

Perfect Spin

Embark on a thrilling journey of precision and timing! Click "Spin" and skillfully stop the rotating card to land precisely within the designated outlined area. The twist? Each spin varies in speed, putting your precision and reflexes to the test. Aim for a 100% Perfect Spin—an exceptional feat! Will you conquer the challenge or persist in spinning for perfection? Spin now and discover your fate!

Play or Burn

Play or Burn is a thrilling card game that blends luck with strategic decision-making. Players are presented with a full deck of cards facing down, and must decide whether to 'play' (keep) or 'burn' (discard) each card as they come out, aiming to achieve the lowest score possible. With Picture cards scoring the highest and Aces the lowest, every choice between playing or burning a card can dramatically sway the game's outcome, making it a test of both chance and tactical foresight!


Test your card mastery and strategy as you race against the clock to clear the pyramid. Combine any two cards that add up to 13 to remove them from the pyramid, aiming for the fewest moves and fastest time to achieve the ultimate high score. Can you conquer the challenge of this addictive card game?


Delve into the timeless world of Solitaire and hone your card-playing skills to achieve your highest score yet. Strategically clear the tableau and immerse yourself in the art of the game. Experience endless hours of solitary enjoyment as you aim for Solitaire supremacy. How high can you score?


Tumble is a fast-paced card game where you will strategically clear a 21-card pyramid. Find and remove 'sets' (cards of the same value) or 'runs' (cards in sequence of the same suit) to rearrange the pyramid. Make sure to clear it swiftly and watch the cards tumble for the ultimate win!

Casino/Chance Games


Step into the world of Baccarat, an enthralling card game that offers timeless excitement. Bet on the Player, Banker, or Tie, and challenge your intuition against the dealer. With straightforward gameplay, Baccarat provides a thrilling casino experience for players of all levels.

Big Wheel

Step into the exciting realm of Big Wheel! Take a spin and challenge your luck in this captivating game of chance. Starting with 100 coins, place your wagers and let fate guide you. Will you strike it big and amass fortunes? Play now and let the Big Wheel determine your path!

Black Jack

Blackjack challenges you to reach the highest bank balance possible. Starting with 100 coins, you'll put your skills to the test as you aim to beat the dealer. Make smart decisions and hit the jackpot with a hand value of exactly 21 for bonus coins. This classic card game is your chance to become a master of strategy and luck.

Card Guess

Welcome to Card Guess, the ultimate test of your intuition and luck! Take a chance and predict the card that fate will reveal. With varying options to bet on such as the colour, suit, number, or even the exact card, every round is a thrilling gamble. Will you strike it rich by guessing right and winning big?

Coin Flip

Coin Flip invites you to immerse yourself in a game of chance. Make your selection between Heads or Tails and experience the thrill of the coin being flipped. Keep track of your streak and remaining lives as you strive to achieve the highest score. How far can your intuition and luck take you in this addictive game?

Dice Roll

Dice Roll is an exciting and challenging game that puts your prediction skills to the test! With three options to choose from, you can either Guess the Number, Guess the Group, or opt to guess Odd or Even. Earn varying points for each choice and strive to accumulate the highest score possible. Beware, you will only have 10 lives to spare, every incorrect guess brings you closer to game over. Roll the dice and prove your luck!

Futures Roulette

Spin the wheel in this version of Futures Roulette. This feature is available for any Futures market. For now try a sample Champions League draw.


Discover the excitement of Keno, where luck meets choice. Select your lucky numbers and place your bets in three thrilling game modes: Classic, Heads or Tails, and Odd or Even. Watch the numbers drawn and see if fortune smiles upon you. Play Keno and experience a trio of exciting games for a chance to win big!

Poker Hands

Play Poker Hands and build your winning strategy! Arrange cards in the best way possible across 5 different rows as you receive each card in succession. A unique amount of points is awarded for a completed hand. Are you ready to take on the challenge and try to achieve the elusive royal flush?

Rock Paper Scissors

Welcome to the ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissors challenge! Gain points and build a streak with each victory but beware, lives are limited. Test your luck and strategy in this classic showdown!


Welcome to the gaming world of roulette, where your journey begins with 100 coins. Feel the rush of anticipation as you place your bets on numbers, colors, or other combinations. Will you play it safe or take a daring risk? Let the wheel spin and watch your fortunes unfold in this immersive roulette game!

Super Slots

Super Slots offers a classic casino experience with a twist. Place your bets and spin to win, aiming to match 5 of the same symbol in a row for big payouts. Keep an eye out for exciting bonuses that can grant you additional winnings. Test your luck in Super Slots today!

Super Slots Free Spins

Super Slots Free Spins is our casino tool that gives you 5 free spins to try and build up your balance. This tool allows you to earn virtual currency in a fun way across our gaming ecosystem. Make the most of your free spins!

Super Slots Virtual Currency

Super Slots Virtual Currency is a casino tool that lets players spin our interactive slot machine with virtual tokens/currency. Here you are in charge of your own balance and get to strategically choose your bet amount for every spin. This tool allows you to earn virtual currency in a fun way across our gaming ecosystem. Are you lucky enough to hit the jackpot and win big?

Logic/Puzzle Games

Cryptic Cards

Cryptic Cards is a brain-teasing puzzle game where players discover hidden phrases through image clues on cards. Engage your deductive skills as you piece together symbols to guess the phrase. Each level offers a fresh challenge, inviting you to decode, type, and progress. Be sure to not let the time expire!

Gem Quest

Dive into 'Gem Quest', a vibrant puzzle game where players connect colorful gems across a grid to score points and meet specific goals within a time limit. Master the art of chaining gems horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to fill the treasure box with the required number of gems. Progress through levels and become the ultimate gem connector!

Hexa Puzzle

Prepare for an addictive challenge in HexaPuzzle, a fusion of Tetris and jigsaw puzzle – the ultimate test of your puzzle-solving skills, set in a medieval realm. Strategically place hexagonal pieces onto the rotating grid to fit them perfectly and uncover hidden medieval objects. Can you conquer each level, earn high scores, and reveal the secrets of the past before time runs out?

Liquid Logic Quest

Dive into Liquid Logic Quest, a captivating color-matching puzzle game set in a serene science laboratory. Strategically pour coloured liquids to match each other across tubes, but beware, moves are limited! Progress through increasingly challenging levels, testing your skills in this immersive, brain-teasing adventure.

Memory Tiles

Our take on the classic memory game, come and play Memory Tiles and try to pair matching tiles in the fewest number of turns possible. Build a streak to score more points. Watch out - if you're too slow the grid will shuffle every 30 seconds, leaving you scrambling to try and match the remaining tiles!

Mystery Phrase

Mystery Phrase is an exciting word puzzle game where players select a category and decipher a hidden phrase with limited letters for aid. The amount of revealed vowels and consonants depends on the chosen difficulty level. With a countdown points timer, quick thinking and fast completion lead to higher scores. Test your word skills in this thrilling challenge!

Number Fill

Number Fill offers a captivating challenge: arrange numbers in ascending order without knowing what's coming next. With 3 difficulties, you'll tackle either 5, 10, or 20 slots. Can you master the art of numerical sequencing in this addictive puzzle game?

Picture Pursuit

Unleash your skills, piece by piece. Solve fragmented images against the clock to reveal the picture and earn your highest score. Can you master the pursuit?


Sharpen your instincts in Reveal, the ultimate guessing game! Can you decipher the blurry image before time runs out and it becomes crystal clear? Increase your points with lightning-fast choices and 3 powerful boosts. Get ready for 5 rounds of thrilling fun!

Sliding Genius

Sliding Genius is a captivating puzzle game where players strategically shift tiles to form a specific pattern or picture. Featuring a grid with one empty square, players can tap or click adjacent tiles to slide them into the void, and rearrange them until the image is perfectly assembled. The quicker the puzzle is solved, the higher the score!


Test your logical thinking skills with our challenging Sudoku puzzles. Choose from multiple difficulty levels and try to solve the puzzle to earn your highest score!

Sports Games
American Football


Being the Quarterback of an American Football team isn’t easy, but someone has to carry the team on their back and push for success. Find out if you have what it takes with our Quarterback challenge! You have two minutes to hit as many targets as possible, just keep an eye on the wind and use the boosts available to give you the helping hand you need to make it to the top.

American Football

Running Back

American Football is all about touchdowns. Evade the tacklers and obstacles in this level based game. Use the left and right sides of your screen, or your arrow keys to move, swipe or press up to jump, and down to break tackles to make your way to the endzone.

American Football

Wide Receiver

What would a Quarterback be without anyone to catch his passes? Make accurate cuts by swiping/pressing in the direction of the arrow at the correct time, and swipe any direction or press any key at the crucial time to make the catch!



Complete an exciting race in the fastest time possible, running through different terrains whilst avoiding obstacles. Don’t forget to switch between shoes with different gameplay features throughout the race to help you record a fast time!

Aussie Rules

Footy Flicks

In any sport, you have to put the score on the board. We epitomise that in Footy Flicks, our Aussie Rules based game. Choose any of the 3 kick types to maximise your chances of kicking the ball through the big sticks, while aiming for the targets as well. Watch your score climb on the big screen while you do it, and see where you stack up!


Baseball Bash

Baseball Bash allows you to live those big league dreams! Play a Home Run Derby style hit out, where the goal is simply to see ball, hit ball! Swipe towards the ball to hit, but make sure your timing is right, and watch out for those curve balls!


Hoops Galore Indoor

Take your shot in our basketball arcade game Hoops Galore. By swiping/flicking up from the ball towards the hoop, score as many points as you can in 15 shots!


Hoops Galore Outdoor

Take your shot in our basketball arcade game Hoops Galore...with a scenic view! By swiping/flicking up from the ball towards the hoop, score as many points as you can in 20 shots. Watch out for the wind!


Stadium Smash

It’s okay, none of us could ever make 100 either. But I’m pretty sure bringing up a century on Stadium Smash is a similar feeling! Get your eye in, your timing right and watch the runs pile on!


Darts Attack

Do you have the skills to score a perfect score in our exciting arcade version of Darts? Be careful, as you progress through your throws, you may notice the board begin to move!


Mini Golf Islands

It may not be St. Andrews or Augusta, but playing underwater is surely better, right? Maybe in a jungle? Mini Golf Islands takes you through an ever growing catalogue of holes, with any setting you can imagine a possibility. Simply drag back on the ball, aim and play. Look out for bonuses and easter eggs along the way!

Gaelic Football

Gaelic Hit The Spot

In this Gaelic Football edition of our traditional Soccer/Football game, Hit the Spot, chase the goal-scoring career you always dreamed of… or never dreamed of. Using 10 kicks, score as many goals and points as possible and hit targets to help increase your score. Don’t forget to use your boosts and check the wind conditions to grow your score!

Horse Racing

Punt Run

You don’t actually watch the horses when you go to the races do you? What you instead do is wait until the end of the day, and streak across the track avoiding all the obstacles that a long day at the races would provide. At least that’s what you can do in Punt Run anyway! Use the left and right parts of the screen or the left and right arrow keys to move around, and up to jump to see if you can make it to the last.

Ice Hockey

Puck Luck

Actually learning to play Ice Hockey? Probably too hard. Give Puck Luck a crack instead! Move left and right by pressing that side of the screen or by using the arrow keys, and swipe/flick the puck towards the goal to score!

Rugby League

Perfect Penalties

In Australia, we’re still getting over Jonny Wilkinson’s field goal in the 2003 Rugby World Cup. So we thought, what better way to help ourselves through it by reliving it and trying to perfect it ourselves. Swipe/flick up towards the goals to slot the ball through and perfect your penalties!



A familiar sight to anyone who has played the sport, a classic training course is given a new lease on life in Dribbling. Move around those cones (and other obstacles) whilst getting as far as you can!



Conceived as a ‘training game’ as part of Hit The Spot, Headers is an addictive burst of action in its own right. Move / drag the ball at the bottom of the game left and right to the head the balls and keep them in the air. Collect bonuses along the way!


Hit The Spot

No matter what you call it, it’s the most popular sport in the world for a reason. In one our most in depth games, chase the goal scoring career you always dreamed of in Hit The Spot. Using your 10 kicks score as many goals, and hit as many targets as possible!

Ten-Pin Bowling

Pin Drop

Move / drag the ball at the bottom of the game left and right to smash ten-pin bowling pins falling from the sky. Keep your eye open for special pins that give you power-ups and watch out for bombs as you try to maximize your score! This game is an example of how we can skin similar games for different objectives (see also Headers).

Ten-Pin Bowling

Ten-Pin Bowling

You may not have the skills to bowl a perfect 300 game in real life, but all that really matters is if you can do it in our arcade version of Ten-pin Bowling! Come on in, line them up and knock them down!



Move / drag the racket at the bottom of the game left and right to rally tennis balls falling from the sky. Keep your eye open for special balls that give you power-ups and watch out for bombs as you try to maximize your score! This game is an example of how we can skin similar games for different objectives (see also Headers).

Retention Games

Scratchie Card

Scratch away the GTG Network logo to discover daily sportsbook rewards like a $10 bonus bet. Users can come back daily for their chance at another reward!

Shoot To Win

Kick the ball to hit one of six sections, each hiding prizes like a $20 bonus bet or a 100% deposit match up to $50. Flip over your chosen tile to reveal your reward and return for more chances to win!

Spin The Wheel

Click to spin and reveal daily sportsbook rewards, such as a 100% deposit match up to $50. Feel the excitement grow with every spin, and enjoy winning big every day!

Features & Customization

Any Game Can Be Built
  • Any Sport

    Football, Basketball...or bull riding! We build games for any feature of any sport, enabling completely customised products.

  • Outside of Sport

    Our flexibility is not limited to sports. There are no limits on the gameplay we can create, whether it’s a new take on classic arcade games or something completely innovative for a specific purpose.

Brand Activation / Sponsorable Properties
  • In-game Messaging

    Currently, a selection of our games feature in-game messaging, a feature we are happy to build into any game. These messages can be used as direct feedback to something that has occurred in-game (e.g. different messages for a score, or a miss), and can say essentially anything you like! The messages can be sponsored, create your own humorous set - we can also assist with the wording.

  • Banners

    All elements in the design of our games are customizable and sponsorable. One aspect clients have loved is the ability to turn the background, which is somewhere fans traditionally see promotional content, into advertising boards of their own. All you have to do is instruct us to the assets you want the users to see, and we can place them seamlessly into the game environment.

  • Custom 3D Design

    When we say everything is sponsorable, we mean everything is sponsorable! Change the clothes the character is wearing, change the background they are performing in, even change the goalposts into your product, or the ball they are playing with into your product. Anything you can imagine we can help make work with our completely custom 3D designs.

Increase the fun and social interaction by competing against friends or others! There’s flexibility with gameplay functionality, where users can take alternating turns in playing the game, or directly play against each other in real-time
A Games Ecosystem
We turned free to play fan engagement on its head in the sportsbook space with the launch of Hit The Spot, our soccer arcade game, in late 2018. With the unfortunate onset of Covid-19 and the cancellation of most sporting events, we upped the ante by complementing Hit The Spot with our Basketball and Mini Golf arcade games to deliver the Skill Zone, an all encompassing arcade game environment, complete with Rewards and training to meet important retention deliverables.
  • Experience Points (XP)

    Within our games ecosystem, users advance by earning XP. Collecting XP by playing games and training, users then level up, helping them earn more rewards to improve their performance. Our XP are completely customizable, including how they are awarded, which can enhance welcome bonuses and loyalty rewards..

  • Levels

    Tied in closely to our XP is our level system. By earning more XP, users move up through the levels, creating a sense of achievement and aspiration throughout our games. Our level system is set to be easy to begin, with it becoming increasingly difficult to level up the further you progress in the game. When users progress through later levels, the rewards are greater. All aspects of levels including XP are completely customizable and can be combined with any of our games.

  • Gold

    Gold and Coins are the virtual currency with which we reward our users and allow them to get the most enjoyment out of our games. Gold is given out as loyalty bonuses, as well as rewards for training and high performance. Users use this currency to purchase items to further improve their performance.

  • Boosts / Items

    Boosts and Items are in-game features that users can choose to use that helps increase their performance. For example, a ‘Sticky Boots’ boost causes the goalkeeper in our football game Hit the Spot to stand still during a kick, and ‘Mulligan’ allows a user to take their kick again if they think they can achieve a better outcome. All boosts come with a Bronze, Silver and Gold version, each varying in value. We believe in fairness, so allowing a user to have a limited number of boosts per game means that even the newer users can compete on a similar playing field to experienced users, while still maintaining the important skill gap. Boosts can be bought from the store, or are handed out as level up rewards.

  • Store

    The store in our games ties all of the above together. Users earn XP to level up, and in doing so are rewarded with gold and set boosts, but the store really allows them to play the game their way. In the store, they can use their acquired gold to purchase boosts of their choice. Currently in Hit the Spot, we have several different types of boost, and the store allows users to select their favourite strategy to maximize their scores to earn real life prizes. All items in the store are priced in gold, and these prices are completely customizable at any point, allowing us to have flash sales to encourage gameplay at certain times if it is ever desired.

  • Prizes

    Awarding of prizes is at the discretion of our clients. Our games ecosystem is designed that if there are no ‘real life’ prizes available, users can still find a sense of achievement in playing our games, with virtual awards on offer. In the current format of Hit the Spot, users are awarded virtual gold if they reach a certain points total for the month. There is a set bronze, silver and gold total, with additional gold awarded to every user who achieves the relevant total. Our users also compete for a weekly high score prize, which is in the form of free bets. This example shows how a virtual prize and real life prize can work in harmony, however no real life prize is necessary for our games ecosystem to function.

  • Easter Eggs

    Easter eggs are messages, gifts or bonuses hidden in various stages of our games. Keep your eyes peeled! Even the most hardcore of gamers will need to stay on their toes to hunt all of these down.

  • Mini Games

    Mini Games are smaller, secondary games built to complement the main game. Often these games are short and sweet, ideal for those players that just have a few minutes to spare. In offering not just a single game but an ecosystem of games, we can encourage users to test their skills in a number of different challenges rather than playing the same game each time they login.

  • Stamina

    Stamina is an important aspect of many of our games, allowing us to set an appropriate cap for how often a user can return to play. We can, of course, reward dedicated users who just want to keep playing by offering stamina bonuses in return for completing challenges or watching advertising content.

  • Happy Hour Challenges

    Happy Hour Challenges are designed to encourage users to return to the game at specific times. Perhaps you are releasing a new feature or campaign and want more eyeballs on your site at a certain time - Happy Hour Challenges are designed to do just that.

  • Welcome Gifts

    It’s great to feel welcome when you’ve just started playing a new game, so what better way to spread that feeling by handing out rewards early in a user’s journey. Offering rewards at this point makes the game feel more exciting for new users and heavily encourages them to return beyond their first day.

  • Random Gift

    Random Gifts are designed to reward dedicated fans. Kitbags and gift boxes are given out at random times throughout the day, allowing users who dedicate more time to the game to be rewarded. Random Gifts are a great way to boost time on site.

  • Daily Check-ins

    Daily Check-in gifts are a sequence of gifts awarded daily across a cycle of 5-7 days. The value of these gifts increase exponentially each day, encouraging users to interact daily to continue the cycle, thereby reinforcing a daily routine and increasing the chances of long-term retention.

  • Daily, Weekly, Yearly Leaderboards

    We have the flexibility to run competitions across any timeframe. Depending on the promotion, it may be better to run daily leaderboards and prizes, or in other circumstances yearly or season long leaderboards will deliver higher retention metrics.

  • Private Competitions

    Only want to compete against your friends? With our private competition functionality, you can play any of our games against your friends with no outsiders, and all password protected. There’s no greater reason to play everyday than to beat your mates!

  • Social sharing

    An important aspect to a game environment is the quick spread of users to gain a larger user base. To encourage this, we allow seamless social sharing of the game via score pop-ups. Displaying this sharing element to the user post game allows them to fully enjoy the experience, and also encourages the competitive nature we love to foster by making it easy for users to share their score with their friends to create some healthy competition.

  • Cross-sells

    Creating a Games Ecosystem is about creating a series of games where users are sufficiently engaged and incentivized to play repeatedly. We encourage this by creating a seamless loop of content by cross-selling between games, with a particular emphasis on progression through the ecosystem. Incentivizing users to play the next game in the ecosystem leads to higher retention and customer satisfaction. Additional cross-sells to other products you offer are also available.

Data and Integration
  • Dashboards, Reporting & Tracking

    Clients are provided with a customized Content Management System (CMS) that will include analytics on the product, such as number of users, components that are most popular, clicks and much more. All of our insights are delivered automatically. A simple and easy to understand presentation isn’t compromised by the depth and complexity of our insights.

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    We have completed many different SSO integrations, so we will be able to work with your solution. If you don’t have an SSO method, we have a range of other integration options available. Where appropriate, we can maintain all of the registration and login process.

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