Venue Experience

Corporate Suites

  • An Unforgettable Time

    From the moment your guests walk into your suite, we want their experience to be a memorable one. We do this by enabling guests to form and enhance relationships by creating a friendly and fun environment. Everything we do augments rather than distracts the game being watched by keeping guests entertained throughout the event which is most important during breaks.

  • We Make It Easy

    Gameplay is simple and designed for any device. If desired, suite hosts use dedicated tablets to walk-through the game with attendees. We also have an assistant baked into the gameplay. If a guest is unsure what to pick, we can assist them with just one click, by submitting a pick or picks for them based on historical data.

  • Real-time Events

    Whether it be a player scoring a goal, running for a 50 yard touchdown or nailing their fifth 3-pointer, our leaderboards can update and your guests can see how they compare against others throughout the game. Winner congratulations messages also pop-up for your guests whenever something special happens.

  • Brand Exposure

    The entire experience can be built to specific brand requirements, whether that is the game mechanic, design or specific messages a sponsor would like delivered.

  • Get To Know Your Guests

    Corporate suites are as much about networking as they are about having fun. Our flexible registration system and games allow guests’ names to appear on screens around the suite, so all attendees can easily remember new relationships formed.

  • Suite vs Suite

    Our solution allows your guests to take on guests from other suites. Why not see how your guests stack up against the Amazon team next door or the Visa crew across the stadium. We have head-to-head and bracket/knockout formats.

  • Leave A Lasting Impression

    We want your guests to leave the event with a smile on their face, regardless of how their team fared. Our Venues technology is proven to improve the standard suite experience.

Applicable For Any Venue

  • Bars and Restaurants

    Create the ultimate sports bar experience! Have your guests play our games and follow our stats. Setup rewards for weekly retention, increase foot traffic and stand out in more ways from your competitors. Our content engine will publish site specific content to each participating venue (prizes, leaderboards, local promotions) on venue display screens and participant’s mobile devices.

  • Casinos

    Our games drive increased foot traffic for longer periods of time. We can even sync our games into your Rewards Program to enhance loyalty.

  • Conferences

    Whether physical or virtual, we’ve got you covered. Include our games as part of your tiered sponsorship packages to increase revenue, cut through for the sponsors and fun for attendees.

  • Other

    If you believe our technology can be used at your venue, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact us below.

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