Ad Units and Video Boards

  • Relevant Advertising

    By leveraging our stats you can serve up ads, which can be automated, to target specific upcoming games. That includes targeting statistical information to your potential customers about players, teams, stadiums and more. We have run campaigns using our stats in stadiums, suites and on social media to drive brand awareness and acquisitions.

  • Personalized

    We live in an age where we know what sports teams fans support and who their favourite players are. Personalize their experience by merging their interests with our content.

OTT Services

  • Target Customers With Precision

    We know different users engage with different content. Whether that be certain types of stats, different sports, a specific arcade game or even preferring a quick and easy poll. We can serve your customers what they want with laser precision and learn what they find most rewarding.

  • Add Additional Features & Content

    Our technology can be added over the top of your core experience. It is an enhancement to your service, not a replacement. For example, imagine you are conducting a livestream to your audience on Facebook. The experience is enhanced by allowing viewers to answer polls on what topics they’d like you to discuss. If the broadcast is via a group “Room” livestream, record the amount of likes being actioned when specific users are speaking and show a leaderboard on the side of who the audience is agreeing with the most. We have many ways we can help.

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