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About iSport Genius

The flagship product of the GTG Network, iSport Genius (iSG) is a revolutionary sports data platform that provides unprecedented sporting insights through highly innovative statistical analysis of trillions of pieces of data. The platform was the result of extensive communication with our digital following of over 1 million people. Integrated into some of the largest and most successful sportsbooks around the world (which consequently saw iSG receive note on the London Stock Exchange), used at various stadiums around Australia, in sports teams’ apps and in media, iSport Genius is the perfect tool to engage your sporting audience.

iSport Genius product screen on laptop showing statistics for the Arsenal 2019/20 season and iSport Genius portals screen highlighting win, draw and loss
  • Preview Pages

    Intuitive, data-rich previews focused on the most relevant team and player data, historical head-to-head records, form, as well as key betting markets (if desired).

  • Player Pages

    Up-to-date game logs, season averages, career-best performances and league rankings for every player.

  • Team Pages

    An in-depth statistical breakdown of a team’s performance. Includes season records, recent results, fixtures, league rankings, venue performance and records for key betting markets.

  • Stadium Pages

    Everything you need to know about where the game is taking place. Geographical information including location and altitude, as well as fixtures, results, statistical trends and records for key betting markets.

  • Standings Pages

    A comprehensive and customizable page dedicated to league standings. On top of traditional data points such as wins, competition points, division records, points scored and conceded, users can incorporate an array of additional data points such as ATS Record, average margin or day/night record.

  • Portal Pages

    Allows users to dive deep into the data to explore W/L, ATS, O/U and a host of other betting markets with any combination of dozens of filters such as venue, altitude, favorite/underdog status, opponent and fatigue.

  • Review Pages

    A summary of not only the result of a game, but the result of key betting markets such as Spread, Total Points and Margin, as well as player markets such as First Basket or First Touchdown.

  • Dashboards, Reporting & Tracking

    Clients are provided with a customized Content Management System (CMS) that will include analytics on the product, such as number of users, components that are most popular, clicks and much more. All of our insights are delivered automatically. A simple and easy to understand presentation isn’t compromised by the depth and complexity of our insights.

Client Integrations

  • Sportsbet
  • Draftkings
  • Ladbrokes
  • Oddschecker
  • Beteasy
  • Unibet
  • Customization

    Everything is customizable from the product look and feel, the integration method (e.g APIs vs webview/iframe), the stats hierarchy, to the content being utilized and displayed.

  • API driven

    We use the world's best API technology to deliver solutions with flexibility and speed. We adjust APIs to your development requirements.

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    We have completed many different SSO integrations, so we will be able to work with your solution. If you don’t have an SSO method, we have a range of other integration options available. Where appropriate, we can maintain all of the registration and login process.

  • Betslip Integration

    We have significant experience with add to betslip technology, including being able to pass standard call-to-action values or even custom values at the discretion of the user.


  • Previews

    Our previews are customized to your needs and produced exclusively by our team of experienced journalists, educating readers with all the information they need before the game.

  • Fun Facts

    Fun facts are short and sharp pieces of content, covering both teams and players. While thousands of facts are automatically generated for every single game, various ratings systems are used to ensure only the best and most relevant are selected for publication.

  • Automated Video

    Using the same technology built to generate fun facts, automated game previews are also now being produced. These previews can be converted into video with graphics and animation to bring readers a truly digital preview experience.

  • Content Team

    Our dedicated content team is here to ensure a high level of engagement from your readers. All facts and previews go through vigorous integrity procedures to ensure quality and accuracy.

iSport Genius screen on laptop previewing Watford vs Leicester

Betting Tools

  • Parlay / Multis

    Leveraging the rating system for our Fun Facts, the highest rated facts are converted into betting calls to action, with a series of Facts combined to produce automated Multis/Parlays/Accumulators. There is also flexible logic behind the production of these Parlays, with the possibility of each leg being specific to a sport/sports, market, odds range and a multitude of other filters. We have customised the logic to specific client preferences.

  • Predictor

    Every sports fan thinks they know the most important factors determining the outcome of an event. Our Predictor gamifies this experience, allowing users to select the importance of a range of popular factors to the outcome of a bet, and with one click, producing a betting call to action specific to each user’s selections.

  • Bet Finder

    Similar to our Predictor, we’ve made things even simpler by allowing users to select the specific conditions they like to back, whether that is only home teams, favourites, opponents in form, teams which performed strongly against their upcoming opponent the last time they met and many more. Once selected, teams which fit the selected criteria are automatically produced, delivering a compelling call to action for users.

  • Calculators

    Education is a critical tool in building a relationship with a sports bettor. Our Calculators help users identify the amount they should bet to receive a specific return, including middles, arbitrages as well as converting odds across different formats.

  • Polls

    Polls have proven to be an effective way to serve new content and present new betting opportunities. Users have the option to answer polls to see what other users think (the crowd opinion). Based on the user’s poll vote, and the overall vote percentages, single and parlay bets can be returned to the user. The Poll itself is flexible with all types of team and player questions available.

Beteasy screen in tablet showcasing polls and sgm,Draftkings screen in tablet showcasing featured parly and predictor tool,Bet Finder Showing

Sports Coverage

Basketball basketball

  • NBA
  • NCAA (Division 1)
  • NBL

Baseball Baseball

  • MLB

Ice Hockey Ice Hockey

  • NHL

American Football American Football

  • NFL
  • NCAA (Division 1)

Golf Golf

  • PGA Tour

Tennis Tennis

  • ATP
  • WTA


  • UFC

Cricket Cricket

  • Big Bash
  • IPL

Auto Racing auto racing


Esports esports

  • League of legends

Aussie Rules aussie rules

  • AFL

Rugby League Rugby league

  • NRL

Rugby Union rugby union

  • Super Rugby

Soccer Soccer

  • EPL
  • Championship
  • League One
  • League Two
  • Scottish Premiership
  • Scottish Championship
  • Ireland Premier Division
  • Eredivisie
  • La Liga
  • Segunda Division
  • Belarusian Premier League
  • Serie A
  • Serie B
  • Bundesliga
  • 2. Bundesliga
  • Ligue 1
  • Ligue 2
  • MLS
  • A League
  • Chinese Super League
  • J-League
  • Russian Premier League
  • Primeira Liga
  • Serie A (Brazil)
  • Allsvenskan
  • Eliteserien
  • Danish Superliga
  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • World Cup
  • Euro

Performance Analytics

  • About Performance Analytics

    Our analytics capability provides unprecedented access to performance insight. With the depth of analytics produced by iSport Genius, we’re able to identify unique patterns and conditions under which teams outperform expectation.

  • Player Performance

    Why do some players perform better against specific teams? What trends for each stat category in their box score relate to match conditions? We dig deeper to give you greater insights.

  • Team Performance

    Under what conditions does your team outperform expectation, both on the offensive and defensive end? Is your team struggling playing in high-altitudes, but surprisingly good on the second game of a back-to-back?

  • Opponent Analytics

    Knowing your strengths is part of the equation. Add this level of insight to your opponents’ performance, and your coaching staff can take a specific strategic approach to increase the chances of winning.

  • Dashboards, Reporting & Tracking

    Clients are provided with a customized Content Management System (CMS) that will include analytics on the product, such as number of users, components that are most popular, clicks and much more. All of our insights are delivered automatically. A simple and easy to understand presentation isn’t compromised by the depth and complexity of our insights.

Performance Genius product screen on laptop showing Devin Booker's performance and analysing next opponent's record

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