Bracket Games

Features & Customization

Any Bracket Game Can Be Built
  • Any Topic

    Food, Entertainment, Sport, Current Affairs, Politics and more! No matter your fans’ interest, we’ll deliver a bracket game they’ll love.

  • Any Frequency

    Our bracket games can be delivered and run across any timeframe. Hourly, daily, weekly or even monthly, we’ll deliver a customized game to your specific objectives.

  • Unique Gameplay

    The functionality of our brackets is versatile. Users can either be required to complete their bracket in one go, or we can open rounds one at a time, opening up later rounds only when winners of previous rounds are decided. We can accommodate various engagement requirements, whether you want to offer users something they can finish at once or you’d prefer repeat usage with users returning each day to complete their brackets.

  • Engage Your Audiences

    Bracket games are perfect for social media as people can be very opinionated. One successful integration was by running live streams with graphics and commentary talking about the bracket in question. This can be a great way to convert your social followers into customers.

  • Social sharing

    The social element is arguably the most important part of the Brackets product. It’s all about proving yourself right, and your friends wrong. With the native option to share to a range of different social channels after voting, or after creating your bracket, the opportunities for social traction with the brackets product are endless.

  • Retention

    We offer clear signposting of upcoming brackets allowing users to look ahead to what new brackets will be released that they are interested in.

  • Cross-sells

    The short term nature of each bracket, combined with the long term possibilities of the bracket idea as a whole provide the perfect element to cross sell to any other products you offer. A simple call to action can be displayed at the end of any voting sequence creating a constant flow of traffic anywhere desired.

Data and Integration
  • Dashboards, Reporting & Tracking

    Clients are provided with a customized Content Management System (CMS) that will include analytics on the product, such as number of users, components that are most popular, clicks and much more. All of our insights are delivered automatically. A simple and easy to understand presentation isn’t compromised by the depth and complexity of our insights.

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

    We have completed many different SSO integrations, so we will be able to work with your solution. If you don’t have an SSO method, we have a range of other integration options available. Where appropriate, we can maintain all of the registration and login process.

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