About Genius Games

As a result of the success of iSport Genius, it became clear that high quality sporting insights led to fans making predictions. The next stage in our evolution of servicing consumer demand was the creation of our games engine, Genius Games, which allows sports fans to predict literally any outcome within a sporting event.
Completely customisable, Genius Games is currently in markets globally and now includes industry leading arcade style games.

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Repeat use is an import factor in our games success. It is critical to see users coming back to build product loyalty and ensure you get the most value out of them. We rapidly role our new features, designs and have various methods to reward users for returning - such as gaining XP (experience points), levelling up, unlocking new features and earning badges to name a few. Repeat use is a sign users are enjoying the game experience and as a result it is one of our top priorities.

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Games have been proven to be extremely powerful drivers of attracting new customers as well as getting users to achieve a desired outcome (such as referring friends or placing a bet as examples). We provide you with all the tools including custom dashboards and APIs to track every users touch points in the game. Information such as number of games played, prizes won, times that users are active, game patterns (such as tips or scores) and much more are available to you and can be effectively integrated into your CRM and backend.

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At the end of the day we want our games to be enjoyable. Not just for users, but for you in the process of getting these to market and for us to be part of something new and exciting. We are extremely passionate about innovation and creating differently. All our games are customisable in any way you can imagine including the sport chosen, game mechanics, devices deployed on, betting market (if relevant), integration methods - you name it!

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