About Genius Venues

Genius Venues combines iSport Genius and Genius Games to enhance and augment every fan’s experience in any venue, anywhere around the world. We provide the content, experience and customer management tools to enable every venue owner to leverage their sports content and technology investment with completely customized solutions. The result is happier, more engaged and loyal customers.

Assortment of iSport Genius screens including preview, scoreboard, standings and stadiums
Fanpick logo and download button on screen

Stats & Content

Our stats and games engines automatically deliver content services to each venue based on its specific requirements, including the optimal combination of delivery devices (Big Screen, IPTV, mobile device etc.) to service a venues preferences and expectations.

Gamification on mobile phone screen with leaderboard


The Genius Games engine delivers match specific predictive & arcade games, which are customized for venues and audiences of all sizes (stadiums, corporate boxes, sports bars and sportsbooks including casino floors). With site specific prizes on offer, leaderboards are generated from a centrally managed and widely scalable platform.

Diagram outlining data gathering & communication

Data Gathering & Communication

It is important to understand who is coming into your venue, to what events and at what times. Genius Venues helps capture this information to build your database as well as provide better experiences for your customers. We can help build hype and anticipation about upcoming events and reward users with money can’t buy experiences for consistent participation (and success) within our products.

Tablet screen with stats on spectator


We custom build a Content Management System (CMS) to allow your team to get direct access to user analytics including who is in the system, what they’re engaging with, when they return, demographic information and much more depending on the overall setup of the content and games experience of Genius Venues.