About iSport Genius

The flagship product of the GTG Network, iSport Genius (iSG) is a revolutionary sports data platform that provides unprecedented sporting insights through highly innovative statistical analysis of trillions of pieces of data. The platform was the result of extensive communication with our digital following of over 1 million people. Integrated into some of the largest and most successful sportsbooks around the world (which consequently saw iSG receive note on the London Stock Exchange), used at various stadiums around Australia and in media, iSport Genius is the perfect tool to engage your sporting audience.


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Innovative match previews

Intuitive, data-rich previews focused on key markets and customised betting content produced exclusively by our team of experienced journalists.

Deep dive data

Users can instantly discover how a team performs under chosen conditions, such as when playing as a home favourite at night, coming off a six-day break following a streak of two wins since 2010.

Genius Predictor: Gamifying the data

Engage and empower users to predict the outcome of sporting events. Let users select factors that they believe are important in determining the outcome of a bet, such as the team's ATS Record or performance against that specific opponent.

Genius Ladder

The world's most advanced sports ladder, allowing users to personalise their experience from a wide range of data points. Each category can be sorted to provide deep, immediately understandable insights. Ladder predictors are available for all sports and leagues.

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