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GTG Tech Fund Overview

We back outstanding people with our world class/leading technology team spanning three continents. If you are truly driven with a global vision which needs technical resources to be realised, contact us and convince us why we should be partnering.

How can we help you?

GTG Tech Fund possesses a highly skilled technical team, proficient in all forms of web and app development. After building a suite of innovative products and receiving acclaim on the London Stock exchange, we decided to open up our technical capability to entrepreneurs whose unwavering desire to succeed is matched by great ambition. Through our own experiences, we understand many of the challenges faced by businesses, particularly at an early stage. High quality technical capability is often both expensive and hard to find, creating a significant barrier for great ideas to reach the world stage. We are bringing down this barrier. Convince us that with our help you can take on the world.

In addition to our technical prowess, our global networks are varied and vast, allowing us to rapidly commercialise endeavours in a wide range of industries. We welcome applications from anywhere in the world.

The Model

We take an equity position in the ventures we invest in, with figures to be determined on a case by case basis.