About Genius Broadcast

Genius Broadcast leverages the two core products of GTG Network, iSport Genius and Genius Games, to deliver end to end solutions for broadcasters seeking greater engagement with viewers and more valuable assets for its sponsors.

Various iSport Genius scoreboard, game preview, standings and preview screens
Real-time fact regarding Collingwood in front of Nathan Buckley instructing players

Real-time Unique Insights

Genius Broadcast enhances sports production through the real-time delivery of unique insights and information throughout each broadcast event.

One blurry page in front of a page with charts on it

No Researcher Effort

Insights are automatically surfaced without the need for you to do anything ensuring a seamless solution for broadcasters with industry leading content at its fingertips

Sydney and Hawthorn poll bars outlining their prediction on match in front of Jarrad McVeigh and Luke Hodge

Second Screen Engagement

The games section of Genius Broadcast provides relevant second screen engagement seamlessly integrated to the viewing experience. Single game mechanics can generate multiple competitions across segmented audiences, creating highly sponsorable, contextually relevant content.

Tablet with Philadelphia Helmet icon on screen with text

Premium Experience

With our expertise in this space we can help you standout from your competitors and help create a premium experience to attract and retain viewers/listeners.