About Performance Genius

With a massive amount of sports data, a team of sports lovers and products that have captured the attention of fans around the world, it was clear we had an opportunity to leverage our intellectual property to help teams perform better. It doesn’t get anymore satisfying.

Performance Genius screens showing various team performance metrics
Performance Genius screen on laptop with Devin Booker performance and graph

Player Performance

We have launched analysis of player performance into the stratosphere. What is Steph Curry’s 3-point percentage after missing 4 games with a calf injury? What is the average reduction in a player’s box score when missing between 7 and 10 days with a hamstring strain?

Performance Genius showing calendar on laptop screen outlining performance overview

Team Performance

We analyse team performance relative to market expectation, identifying trends and conditions under which your team under or over-performs, both on the offensive and defensive end. Typically, bookmakers release their odds after after performing statistical analysis on the game conditions, including injuries, line-ups and historical performance. Once the odds are released, they are further adjusted based on market movement. The more money injected into the these markets, the higher the chance of inefficiency being removed. Because of this efficiency, using market expectation can be an extremely useful tool in judging performance. Armed with this information, changes can be made to a team’s preparation and game day strategy to boost performance.

Performance Genius analysing next opponent's record

Opponent analytics

Our deep-dive analytics are not just conducted and available on your team but also your opponents, ensuring you know their strengths and weaknesses to exploit.

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Reports are instantly generated, ensuring the most complex insights are immediately identifiable so your coaching and physical preparation teams can take appropriate action.